June 09, 2018

Create a space that will help ease life's most challenging transition: 

The first few months are a massive adjustment for your baby, as he or she learns to live in the world outside of you. As your baby’s eyes and senses start to adjust, think about the items they come in contact with. In the first weeks, your little one’s vision is about 30cm and the most significant senses are smell, touch and sound.

1. Keep it natural!

Look at using organic linen and natural fibres. GOTS organic and Oeko-Tex certified cotton cot linen is not only incredibly soft to the touch, but will not irritate your little one’s skin. With all that is going on in adjusting to the world, pick fabrics that are breathable, gentle and soothing. Try using hypoallergenic or sensitive skin friendly detergent and wash all your bedding before use. For blankets, think about using natural fibres like soft wools or products that have an organic cotton overlay.

2. Get the beat right

Record your own heartbeat or download an app that stimulates an adult heartbeat. This is a great tip for getting your little one off to sleep. They have spent 9 months listening to the steady rhythm of your heart. Recreating that comforting sound adds familiarity and will help settle their nerves.

3. Perfume of Mama?

Try sleeping with one of their swaddles in the last few weeks of your pregnancy or place an item that you’ve worn near them. The smell of you is the most comforting and familiar scent in the world and will help remind them you’re not too far away. As they grow and become more comfortable in their new surrounds you can remove the item.

4. Dial down the crazy patterns and colours

Use soft tones and avoid patterns that are too jarring. A bit of colour can be great, but too much can make for an over stimulated baby. We have chosen a verity of prints that engage and stimulate without dialling it up too far. Too many patterns and bold colours will send a signal to wake up when it might be time to wind down.

5. Dial up the Mood lighting

Make sure you have a soft night light and good block out curtains. Remember, good restful sleep is critical to brain development and naps are important. Make sure the lighting in their room is sending the right signals when it’s time to wind down and let their little brains process all that new information! Remember, there is no night and day on the inside, so good lighting is important in helping them learn night and day, sleep time and play time.

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