May 23, 2018

Designing your perfect nursery can be a hugely rewarding and bonding experience. Take the time to enjoy the process, you are not just decorating a room, you are creating a first space for your little one, a room of intimate memories and life-changing moments. Collecting special pieces and planning everything out is also immensely bonding, it is a process of transitioning and mentally preparing for a new life to come. 

1. Make it a bit about you

Stay true to your own style. This space is a part of you because it was designed by you. It is important that you feel happy in the space, bonding is a two-way process so make the environment one that you respond positively too and feel calm in. The first few weeks as a new mum can be a stressful time, create a setting that you can retreat to with your little one. Make sure you find a way to put a bit of you into the room.

2. Look for a mojo piece

Pick a first piece and build up from there. It can be as small as a cot sheet or a blanket that really catches your eye or as big as an item of furniture that just speaks to you. Work out what that piece is saying and build from there. It is much easier to add pieces once you have a clarity as to your style or pallet.

3. Keep a theme going

Repeating patterns and colours can tie a room together and give it meaning. Try to keep your pallet or your designs along a theme and stay true to that theme. Mixing and matching brands and styles can be fun, but make sure there are enough common pieces to create a strong link. Creating a mood board can be a great way to start to see a motif running across in the pieces you like.

4. Don’t be afraid to experiment

Some of the most exquisite nurseries make a few bold choices, this can be a confident print or colour or a truly majestic feature piece. If you fall in love with a piece don’t be afraid to go with it and build around it. The best designs stay within a theme or style you adore, but push you to a new level. And remember they grow so bold choices can often make for a great toddlers retreat.

5. Be a bit practical

As much as a nursery is a space for bonding, it is also a space for feeding, changing, drying, dressing, burping and all the other necessities of a little life. Make sure you have taken care of the basics and have a functional and practical layout. Also don’t forget to include soft lighting and a spare change of linen and clothes in easy reach. There is nothing worse than a 3am upset with no spares to grab at in the dark! Remember the feeding, changing and bed triangle – make it easy to navigate and transition between.

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