September 26, 2018

With all the retro-floral loving prints hitting the catwalk, it was only a matter of time before floral themed nurseries also made a comeback and come back they have. Some of the best and most exciting nurseries concepts this year have been themed around large blossom based floral motifs. 

The floral range from Tilly and Otto is a fantastic collection and the first place to start, but don’t be afraid to carry the them into furniture. Look for floral wall paper or floral framed art to really lift the theme across the room. It is amazing how much a few simple framed pieces can really bring a room to life.

Pick furniture that picks up on the colour tones, like a peach or pink nursing chair and a classic crib with pink or floral pattern linen panels. Carpet is another great add-in. A beautiful and retro cool floral carpet can make your nursery truly pop.

Lastly, make sure your lighting is soft and don’t be afraid to use your curtains to create an impact. The trick is to pick up a theme and echo elements through a room. Pick a feature and then tie it in subtly across the other pieces.

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