Tilly and Otto

Heirloom White - Swaddle

Luxurious and feather-light weave of purest of white, delicately edged and appointed with Tilly & Otto’s signature cotton heirloom lace.

  • Dimensions: 112 x 112cm
  • Material: 100% luxury cotton
  • Hand wash in warm water. Hang or flat dry.

    “TillyTilly and Otto are an upcoming boutique Australian brand that brings grace and elegance through a commitment to timeless floral designs. Their couture quality cottons and torchon lace make their pieces original and luxurious. Each design is inspired by the delicate and ornate forms of nature, with bold blossoms and gorgeous rich bouquets.

    Designed in Australia and made with care and attention to detail, Tilly and Otto create statement pieces. Best suited to a traditional nursery look, their inspired patterns will bring warmth and colour and add more than a touch of flare.


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