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Elephant - Cot Doona Cover Set

Size Guide
Size guide

Please check your mattress size before ordering to ensure it will fit the linen you order, as international sizes may differ from Australian standards.

Cot sizes

Euro Cot

120 x 60cm with some variation

Old standard size rarely seen in Australia and NZ except in handed down cots and some cots from the UK. Any cot linen in US standard size will fit these mattresses, with the excess tucked in.

US standard

130 x 69cm with some variation

Most common standard size cot, widely used in Australia. We still recommend checking your mattress size before ordering linen.

Large / Boori size

132-135 x 77cm with some variation

Relatively common size. Please check measurements on linen before ordering, as not all our linen will fit this size.

UK large / Cot bed

140 x 70cm with some variation

Very uncommon size, hard to source linen.

Please check measurements on linen before ordering, as most of our linen will NOT fit this size.

Other bed sizes

Bassinets & Cradles

Bassinets are most commonly 76 x 40cm, which is used by a number of brands including Cariboo.

Cradles are basically a large bassinet, and come in a range of different sizes up to around 92 x 47cm, so please check your specific mattress size before ordering.

Moses baskets

Moses baskets come in a range of sizes, generally either 71 x 36cm or 74 x 33cm. You can generally use any bassinet sheets, although most bassinets are square-ended rather than the oval shape of a Moses basket mattress.

Pram bassinets

Pram bassinets come in range of sizes, and differ widely between pram brands. They are usually narrower than stationary bassinets, and many are the oval shape of a Moses basket. Please check the specific measurements of your pram mattress before ordering.


Most FLAT bassinet sheets can be used in a hammock. Regular fitted bassinet sheets are too short, as they are generally designed for 76 or 80cm long mattresses.



Designed in the UK and inspired by the far east, this beautiful mother and baby elephant pattern is delightful and gentle. These majestic and kind creatures come to life in a beautifully arranged design. This rich eye-catching design has been fabricated with care and attention to detail. Hand printed and made with love these pieces will be passed on and treasured. 

  • Doona (Duvet) Cover (150 x 120cm) and Pillowcase (57 x 35cm) - suitable for UK cot bed (or smaller)
  • Material: 100% soft Indian cotton with hand printed pattern
  • Machine wash with similar colours at 30 C. Tumble dry on a low or delicate setting. Ironing is possible (but not at all necessary) at a low temperature. 

            Lulu & Nat logoHandcrafted and made using traditional techniques, Lulu & Nat is an up and coming artesian UK brand. Inspired by iconic childhood fascinations that play out in beautiful iterating patterns, each design is elegant yet adventurous, exquisite and unique. Lulu & Nat designs artfully adorn any nursery, classic or modern, creating a place where timeless enthralments come to life.

            Lulu & Nat designs are hand printed and made with age old craftsmanship and a desire to honour a textiles tradition passed through the generations. They are exclusively designed in the UK and made from the softest cotton fibres fabricated to ensure quality and luxury. Colourful, vibrant and full of life, each print is a piece of handmade art.


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