Maison Nola

Storyland Blue - Baby Quilt

Maison Nola’s signature print, the Storyland pattern is both classically elegant and overflowing with imaginative play. Depicting dozens of exquisitely hand-drawn miniature scenes from well-known children's rhymes and fairytales, it creates a wonderous tapestry of stories that have become favourites throughout the generations.

Hand quilted with 100% soft cotton fill, this timeless bedding features the beautiful Storyland Toile Print in 100% cotton percale front and back. Perfect for tummy time or to drape on your rocking chair. 

  • Dimensions: 89 x 114cm (35” x 45”)
  • Material: 100% cotton percale and 100% soft cotton fill, edged in solid trim
  • Machine washable 

    “MaisonMaison Nola brings the magical and classical together with sublime prints inspired by New Orleans culture and creativity. Artfully capturing the American South, it inspires mysticism, literary adventure and the evocation of nature. Printed on beautiful soft 100% cotton percale and made with care, consideration and attention to detail, this brand is as unique as it is timeless.

    Storyland design

    Maison Nola’s signature print. Drawing its images and charm from Storyland in City Park New Orleans, the classical pattern is elegant yet playful, incorporating symbols from timeless childhood stories that have lasted through the generations. It artfully weaves magic into the traditional with more than a touch of elegance and Southern style. 


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